Tímea Pénzes: To grasp the light
– Hungary

Tímea Pénzes is a poet, author, translator and a journalist. She was born in 1976. She has a degree in the Hungarian language and literature and the German language and teaching from ELTE in Budapest. She translates from Czech, Slovak and German. Her first published work was a poetry collection titled Vetkőzés avagy Beismerő vallomás (Undressing, or Confessions) released in 1998; her first novel Egy férfi – A férfi (A Man, The Man) was published two years later. She used to write travel journals for 14 years (between 2003 and 2017). Her latest book Ikeranyaversek (Two-mother–Poems) published in 2020 was described by the poet Krisztina Rita Molnár as follows: “When reading these lyrical poems and rhyming, rhythmic texts, I can profoundly feel a rediscovered sense of freedom.”