Renátó Fehér: Going to the depot
– Hungary

Renátó Fehér was born in 1989. He studied literary science and culture studies at the Faculty of Arts of ELTE in Budapest, where he also later pursued his PhD. During his study stays abroad he visited Charles University in Prague; in autumn 2016 he received a researcher’s scholarship at Václav Havel Library. He has published numerous poems, critiques, essays and journalistic texts since 2007. His first poetry collection titled Garázsmenet (Going to the Depot, 2014) won the Zoltán Zelk award. In Fehér’s poems, the “I” as a lyrical subject tries to find its own identity through a confrontation with the community, be it the family, generation or the nation itself. His second poetry collection Holtidény (Dead Season) was published in 2018. In this work, Fehér works with matters of time and memory; in a metaphorical world of a “dead season”, that which is happening also provides room for remembering.