Petr Váša: Something total
– Czechia

A musician (member of Z kopce, Ošklid, A-Beat and Ty syčáci bands), poet (poetry collections Texty, básně, poémes physiques/Texts, Poems, Poémes Physiques, 1994; Návrat Plavce Jindřicha/The Return of Jindřich the Swimmer, 2005), author (Tomatom, 2014; Idealisti/The Idealists, 2018), artist (independent and collective exhibitions in Czechia and abroad) and a performer (incl. a physical poetry project explained and commented on in Fyzické básnictví/Physical Poetry, 2011). In his work, he straddles the worlds of words and images, words and music, and words and motion. “The ancient artistic tradition to strive for something which is total, which comprises all art domains, is something that attracts me – it is natural for me,” he says. Petr Váša was born in Brno in 1965 and has a degree in art history from Masaryk University.