Petr Čichoň: Johan with Truda on a cable car
– Czechia

Born in Ostrava in 1969, Petr Čichoň has a degree from Brno University of Technology. He has worked as an editor for publishing houses and magazines and now owns an architecture firm. He is interested in literature and music. Bibliography: Chilia (1995), Villa diabolica (1998), Pruské balady (Prussian Ballads, 2006), Slezský román (A Silesian Novel, 2011) and Lanovka nad Landekem (Cable Car over Landek, 2020). The publisher’s blurb says the following about his latest work: “Ironfounder Johan Kott and miner Truda Lassová live in houses under the Landek rock at the outskirts of Ostrava. Johan wears braces, foundry trousers and well-worn shirts. He is happy when he can spend time in the garden which connects his house to Truda’s. In a small pond, he keeps goldfish and cools his beer which he likes to drink with Truda. Their peaceful life is disrupted when a cable car is to be built over them...”