Jonáš Zbořil: Eons instead of everydayness!
– Czechia

Born in Prague in 1988, Jonáš Zbořil studied English and Czech at the Faculty of Education of Charles University. He works as an editor and radio host at Rádio Wave and is a music player and singer with the Steakhouse Orchestra and Sundays on Clarendon Road bands. He published the poetry collections Podolí (2013) and Nová divočina (The New Wilderness, 2020). The blurb on the back of his new book is full of questions: “What if this world is inexorably approaching its end? What will happen when Earth is overtaken by a new wilderness, one which has been patiently waiting for its opportunity under the motorway on-ramps? And what will happen when we are no longer here? A book about things we look at every day, but never notice. Not just a beloved child, but gravity and silverfish, too, deserve our attention and kindness. A fascinating attempt to replace everydayness (and literature) with the eons of time.”