Jiří Sádlo: An anthropologist in a dumpster
– Czechia

Born in Prague in 1958, Jiří Sádlo studied at the Faculty of Science of Charles University and currently works at the Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences. He is an author of scientific texts (e.g. Vegetace křovin třídy Rhamno-Prunetea v České republice/Rhamno-Prunetea Bushes in Czechia, 1991; Sanace a rekultivace po lomové a důlní těžbě/Reclamation of Land Affected by Mining, 2002) as well as essayistic fiction (Prázdná země/An Empty Land, 2007; Praha a Brno/Prague and Brno, 2015; Mlsné čenichání jihovýchodním směrem/Lustful Sniffing in the South-easterly Direction, 2015). He is interested in landscapes and the national cuisine and describes himself as a cultural anthropologist who “does something between archaeology, geobotany and dumpster diving”.