Endre Kukorelly: Text destruction
– Hungary

Endre Kukorelly is a poet, author and an editor born in 1951. He has a degree in history and library science from ELTE in Budapest. He has worked as an editor at a number of important literary magazines and publishing houses. Since the 1980s, he has actively participated in the Hungarian literary scene. He is one of the co-founders of the 84-es kijárat (Exit '84) magazine and his name is linked to many important literary groups. Since 1993, he has taught creative writing. He has published 27 collections so far, the most recent being Cé cé cé pé avagy Lassúdad haladás a kommunizmus felé (C.C.C.P., or Walking Slowly Towards Communism) published in 2019. His texts poke gentle fun at the nonsensical nature of many ordinary, routine, simple life situations. His core theme is focused on childhood, which he spent on the 3rd floor of the residential building in the 6th district of his native Budapest. The time is precisely delineated by football games, holidays at a family cottage, a student exchange programme spent in East Germany, but also adulthood, military service, university, the first job, experience from being in hospital, first love and the ordinary life in the centre of the Hungarian capital.